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A very sentimental creation representing the love of a mother passed.  


Rather than leaving several pieces of jewellery sitting around in the house, why not turn it into one piece that you will cherish every day!


A Touch Of Gold design process begins with a no obligation consultation with Jennifer or Ashley.  We discuss your preferences in jewellery styles, metal preferences, stone selection, design suggestions and artwork.  All jewellery intended for redesign will be assessed during your appointment.  After collaboration with a designer, we produce hand sketches of proposed designs for you to review.  Once a design and quote is confirmed, we will require commitment from you to proceed with a 3D model using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.  The model and coloured renderings will be available for you to see in order to ensure the design is exactly what you are expecting.  


Tell us your story, so we can create a piece that is as unique as you are!

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